RC Components is excited to release their new “STOCKER” wheel design for 2018. This massive 18×8.5 size wheel was created to match the factory Indian Scout front wheel when used in conjunction with the RC Components Indian Scout 240mm Wide Tire Kit. This new “Stocker” design allows you to customize your Scout with a massive 240mm tire with the benefit of saving money by using the factory pulley, rotors and front wheel. The “Stocker” wheel is available in chrome, Eclipse (black and machined) or solid black.

The Indian Scout Wide Tire Kit is engineered to be an easy bolt-on application that allows any RC Components 18×8.5 wheel and 240mm tire to be a perfect fit inside the factory Scout swingarm, with NO MODIFICATIONS necessary.

Indian Scout Wide Tire Kit Includes:

  • 18×8.5 Rear “Stocker” Wheel
  • 240mm Rear Tire
  • Steel Rear Fender (uses the factory taillight and signals)
  • Belt Guard
  • Chrome License Plate Mount

MSRP $2495.00

For more information please call 1-800-360-0915

Indian Stocker WheelIndian Stocker Side

RC Components Scout Wide Tire Kit


  1. Dong-bin Son

    Hello, I have some questions. I have a 2018 Indian Scout Bobber. I live in South Korea, my Indian Scout Bobber have an ABS breaking system and different number plate from US version’s. Please check there is an International version of Indian Scout.

    I think 240mm INDIAN SCOUT “STOCKER” WIDE TIRE KIT is awesome. I want it. But before I order it from you, I have to ask a few questions.

    Question 1. How much is the “STOCKER” wide tire kit?

    Question 2. About delivery. If I order the “STOCKER”, how much is the shipping fare? Cheaper is better to me. I live in South Korea. When you send the goods directly, how much it will cost? I would like to know the international shipping fare. Air and ship, both ways.
    I don’t mind how long it will take from there to here in Korea. Even snail mail or surface shipment will be fine with me.

    Question 3. Are there any problems to use the rear ABS breaking system if I bought your 240mm kit?

    Question 4. Can you give me a document that the package is made in U.S.A. when you send it?
    Because I can reduce TAX from Korean government if I have the American manufacturer document. (There is a FTA with USA and Korea)

    Please answer the four questions. And give me some more information about your other products if you have. such as 200mm kit, etc.

    • Yes, our Scout 240 kit will work with the ABS brakes on the Scout models. It is required that you use the factory brake rotors. The 240 “Stocker” Scout kit is priced at $2495.00. Shipping will have to be quoted at time of order to South Korea. We can include documentation that this product was made in the USA.

  2. Chris

    Is the tire mounted and balanced on the wheel when shipped ?

    • Yes, it is. We can leave the tire off the rim if requested.

  3. Ilan

    Can you send me not information to my mail

    • We have emailed you the information you requested. Thank you

  4. Rob fess

    Do you make a kit for 18 scout bobber?

    • This kit will fit the Bobber. You will need to modify cut the rear fender to match the Bobber style since we only offer one design fender.

  5. […] tire wheel on an Indian Scout adds a very powerful and enhanced look to your bike. For this reason, RC Components just released their new “STOCKER” wheel design for 2018. This massive 18″×8.5″ […]

    • Ryan

      Your post on this says this option is supposed to “save money” as opposed to your other 240mm kit for the Scout but they are priced the same at $2500? What am I missing?

      I am interested in this “stocker” kit but would probably just go with the other kit and get two new wheels for the same price. However, I would you need you guys customize that rear fender for me. If I showed you some pics of what I want would you do that? I am currently “bobbing” my 2015 Scout and I would want that rear fender about half that length so it would end up at around mid tire and also would want it cut thinner so it’s not so tall. Probably about 1.5″ higher up the tire.

      I guess what I’m saying is does it have to come in a kit or will you guys work with me on just the components I need and customize a bit?

      • You save money by not having to purchase a matching design front wheel and rotor. The stocker rear wheel matches the factory design front wheel.

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