NEW 2-Into-1 Header System for Milwaukee 8- (2017-2018 HD Touring Models)

RCX Exhaust 2-Into-1 Header for 2017-2018 Harley Touring Models

We are excited to release our new RCX 2-into-1 Header for the Milwaukee 8 HD Touring models. This new RCX 2-into-1 exhaust system performs at the top of its class with an amazing sound, awesome styling and unbelievable power. The one-of-a-kind design of the RCX 2-into-1 Header  features a multi-stepped header that flows into a chambered collector creating over 100 ft.lbs of torque at 2200 RPM! Tying this system all together is a large body 4.5” diameter muffler which can be customized with 10 different exhaust tip designs. Each RCX 2-into-1 Header is available in your choice of chrome or a rich ceramic black. Awesome sound, big power and unique styling is what you get with this new RCX 2-into-1 Header system. Add some power, sound and cool style to your Harley Davidson M8 motor today! Made in the U.S.A.  Watch our video to see and hear these new RCX 2-into-1 Headers (click here)Call us today 1-800-360-0915

  • Multi-Stepped Header Design
  • Incredible Low End and Mid Range Torque Curve
  • Smooth, Sleek Header Design
  • Large 4.5″ Full Muffler Body
  • 10 Exhaust Tip Design Options
  • Available In Ceramic Black or Chrome
  • 100% American Made Product

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