RC Components Forged Trike Wheels

Just released is our new 18″ x5.5″ forged trike wheels for 2015!
These new wheels are a direct bolt on for all H-D Trike models and can be made to match our most popular wheel designs in your choice of our chrome or Eclipse black finish. Each trike wheel is machined out of a forged wheel blank that has the same profile as our motorcycle wheels. The trike wheel center features a smooth hub cap that is engraved with the RC logo and is pocketed for the lug nuts. Matching brake rotors, air cleaner, and drive pulley are also available. Call us today at 1-800-360-0915 and dress up your new trike with a custom set of matching RC Components wheels.

RC Components Forged Trike Wheels, New for 2015

RC Components Forged Trike Wheels, new for 2015RC Components, Forged Trike Wheels, New for 2015

8 thoughts on “RC Components Forged Trike Wheels

  1. Avatar Ron Schaerer

    Love the styles!!! I want to put 18 inch rear wheels on my 2017 freewheeler and not sure what size on the front. What styles do you have that will fit and how do I go about pricing. I will be purchasing my FW in about 2 weeks from a dealer… they seem fairly clueless if it’s not in their catalog. Also need slip on mufflers! Thanks, Ron

    • All of our wheels are available for your Free Wheeler. The most common sizes are a 21×3.5 and a 19×3.0 front wheel.

  2. Avatar tom carter

    do you make more wheels for the h-d freewheeler

    • Hello, any of our non-directional wheel designs are available for the freewheeler.

  3. Avatar thomas hubbard

    trike forged wheels… need price and where to buy …I have a 2016 HD Freewheeler

    • Thomas you can call and order direct with us, or if you have a local dealership they can order these for you.

  4. Avatar skip kowell

    where can I buy these trike forged wheels

    • Hello Skip, please give us a call at 1-800-360-0915 and we can have a set of our trike wheels ready to ship in 10 days or less.

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