RCX-Celerator Closed Loop Fuel Management System

RCX-CeRCX-Celerator-240Alerator – New design for 2008-2013 HD Touring Models

No Dyno Tuning, No Programming, No Downloads. The RCX-Celerator is the best of the best in fuel management! It is a full closed loop system which means it does all the work for you. Just plug it in and ride, it is that easy! This new design for the 2008-2013 HD Touring models features a 2 plug harness that makes installation fast and easy. The RCX-Celerator works with the factory ECM, Crank Position, Throttle Position, and O2 sensors to automatically detect and adjust for changes in load, temperature, elevation and throttle position so that your bike will always be running at its best no matter where you travel. The RCX-Celerator Fuel Management System also automatically adjusts for engine modifications such as adding a new exhaust system or air intake. With the RCX-Celerator installed on your bike you have an an on-board computer that analyzes your bike’s performance and constantly tunes the air/fuel ratio for optimum performance.

  • No Dyno Tuning
  • No Adjustments
  • No Programming
  • Automatically Tunes
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Easy Installation

The RCX Celerator Fuel Management System is also available for Softail, Dyna, Sportster, and V-rod models. For more information please contact us at 1-800-360-0915.

RCX-Celerator Instructions 2008-2013 HD Touring Models

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47 thoughts on “RCX-Celerator Closed Loop Fuel Management System

  1. Mario Fratto

    I have a 2010 Street Glide that I have put on a Paul Yaffe header (2 into 1 side exit) and a Arlen Ness stage 1 intake. I am looking into buying your tuner. Would it work with this set up and how involved is the installation and set up for it to tune my bike. Will it take a long time to adjust the bike to run optimally. Thank you

    • Our tuners are a simple plug and play unit that automatically makes adjustments as you ride. Our tuner requires back pressure to tune the engine properly. If the side exit exhaust you have does not have a baffle, it will be outside of the adjustments our tuner can make.

      • Mario Fratto

        It does have a baffle installed and has not been removed.

  2. Doug Foss

    Would I benefit if I went to wide band o2 sensors with the rc tuner?

    • Adding wide band sensors have been reported to improve the information received by our tuner for adjustments.

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