NEW RCX-Exhaust 4.5" Slip-on Mufflers

• Deep & Smooth exhaust tone
• 3-inch stepped core baffle design
• Increased horsepower and torque
• Choose from 10 unique tip designs
• Available in chrome or a ceramic black finish

We have just expanded our RCX Exhaust line to include the new RCX 4.5″ Slip-on Mufflers. These new mufflers are truly unique in design while offering a truly deep and smooth exhaust tone. Each muffler features a full length 4.5″ diameter muffler body with a precision tuned 3″ stepped core baffle. This unique baffle design transitions from a 2.5″ louvered core into a ceramic wrapped 3″ perforated baffle, which works to produce a deep smooth rumble while providing you with increased horsepower and torque. Customize the look of your new RCX 4.5″ Slip-on Mufflers with your choice of 10 unique exhaust tip designs. Mufflers are also available in chrome or a rich ceramic black finish. Made in the U.S.A. MSRP: $649.95

To see our full line of RCX Exhaust products visit our website at www.rccomponents.com or call us today at 1-800-360-0915.

NEW RCX-Exhaust 4.5" Slip-on Mufflers

NEW RCX Exhaust 4.5" Slip-on Mufflers

NEW RCX-Exhaust 4.5" Slip-on Mufflers

53 thoughts on “RCX EXHAUST 4.5″ SLIP-ON MUFFLERS

  1. Harry Yeater

    Just purchased a set of RC slipons… changing my 2010 streetglide over to true duals…got everything but the 2 bolts for the hanger…whst size do i need thanks

    • Hello if you have the slotted brackets on the mufflers we supply (4) 5/16-18×5/8 carriage bolts with hex nuts.

  2. Mark scherer

    I have your 4.5 mufflers and just added 4 inch stretched and raked bags, do you make like an 3 inch extension in edge cut??? The mufflers are right at the end of bags, regards

    • We currently do not offer an extended tip for our 4.5″ mufflers.

  3. Nick Tu

    My friend wants to sell me a set of RCX 4.5″ slip-on from his 2017 Road Glide, so he can buy a new set of RCX 4.5″ with different tips.
    Will the 2017 slip-on for Ride Glide fit 2018 Milwaukee Eight Ultra Limited?
    Thanks much in advance

    • Yes, these will fit onto your 2018 model.

  4. Danny Stevens

    I am running a “tuner” on my 2015 St Glide. Hi-Flo air filter & 4.5 RC ceramic slip-ons. My controller asks about the baffles. Is the RC baffle system sounds like a step up from “stock”. Would I be accurate in this assumption? Thanks for your time, I really like the RC’s on my Glide – Danny

    • Our RCX 4.5″ mufflers contain a stepped baffle design. The front half of the baffle is a 2.5″ steel louvered core and then the back half is a 3″ steel perforated baffle that is wrapped.

  5. Brett

    I just had a set of the 4″ slip ons installed on my 2017 street glide special at Ohio Bike week. All i can say is what a difference in sound and a slight bit in performance. I run the stock air intake on the 107. I would be interested in learning the exact figures of yhe increase for my own knowledge.

    I am glad that I stopped at their trailer to hear these pipes.

    • We appreciate your business. On our stock 2017 FLHXS the RCX 4.0″ muffler made 82 HP and 107 Torque.

  6. gerald ray

    i have a 2017 street glide special i already have your 4.5 slip-ons on my bike great sound,my question is the header pipe that y’all are releasing for this bike do i need to change air cleaner and add fuel management system or just get the bike remapped to adjust the fuel air mix from factory,and does this make more power please advise on specs if you can i can’t find any info on your website that tells me anything about the new products for the 2017

    • Our header system for the 2017 HD Touring models will perform best when used in conjunction with a high flow air cleaner and tune. You can add only the header but your engine may run rich and cause backfiring and poor fuel economy.

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